About Us

The company was created after a meeting of minds, those already holding high level search marketing jobs, took place and the decision was made to channel this collective knowledge into a new high quality agency which wouldn’t lower quality or standards just to increase their bottom line profit.


What sets us apart from the so-called “major” search marketing agencies?

Most of the so called “major” search agencies have one thing in mind, their profit. If you’re not prepared to pay them a high monthly retainer, the best you’ll get is a generic ‘best practices’ package which will be provide minimal benefits to your company. Pounced search marketing works closely with you to come up with a campaign which perfectly compliments your site based on a thorough analysis of your sites on and off-page qualities.

Many large e-commerce companies have reported poor service or rapid  improvement in the search engines followed by a sudden catastrophic drop when working with “major” search marketing companies, or even a Google search penalty. We’ll explain the pros and cons of each campaign approach and any associated risks. Allowing you to make an informed decision.